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03/17/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo

Counting word is not an easy task. Manually checking the number of word in a fairly large article or article can take hours. Not to mention, if you somehow get the wrong count, you have to repeat the count from the start. You can see social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. regarding the word carefully. Even in running a business, you have to be careful with personalities while writing anything to promote your business. To do more accurately count word in seconds, there is no better tool than the free word counter. This tool saves a lot of time that you can use for more productive purposes.


what is characters counter?

Character counting is the counting of all alphabets, punctuation marks, special characters and even whitespace in writing. The main purpose of character verification is to ensure that the written content is concise and free from ambiguity. Uncertainty in writing spoils the purpose of the writing and bores the reader. Therefore, to make sure the content is accurate and clean, character counting is a must.


What is the free word counter tool?

Free word Counter is an online tools that, when there is input,find out the number of words and also can correctly count the characters in it. It does this without any fees. As a standard character scale, it counts all alphabets, special characters, white spaces, punctuation marks, etc., and gives you results within seconds.

The tool counts words and characters. This means you can solve two problems with one tool.


word counting is also essential for concise and clear writing. Hence, from our school days, we have learned to write articles, paragraphs, etc. in a certain number of words.


How to use the free online word counter?

Whether you want to write for school assignments, thesis, business writing, legal writing, or any other type of writing, you'll have to count letters or words to make sure your content is crispy and specific. And the best way to do this is with our free online word counter tool.

Here is a simple guide to help you write well-defined content in any field with the word counter :

Copy and paste the text you want to work with in the given input box.
Click "Count Words".

The tool will produce results for both character count and word count. This is how you count both letters and words at the same time using the Character Counting Service Tool.


The best part of using this free online word counter tool is that you can use it anytime without worrying about the cost. It's completely free and lets you count words / letters at any time of the day. So why not start using it from now on? Whenever you want to write smart and sound article content, work out its characters and words to make sure your content is strong and clear in its ideas.

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