GetResponse VS Mailchimp! Which Is The best? (Full Guide)

12/10/2020 12:00 AM by Admin in Email marketing

GetResponse VS Mailchimp! Which Is The best? (Full Guide)

Email marketing is a great tool for developing and maintaining relationships with customers,Because More than half of the world's population uses email, One of the highest cost-benefit ratios for business comes from email marketing, For relatively low effort and cost, you can position your business in front of potential, or interested clients.

Of course, to do this, you'll need support. The trusted software can help you craft emails, create conditions for sending them, manage your contact list, and helping you with all aspects of your email marketing campaigns.

There are so many modern options for email marketing companies which can be difficult to choose. When it comes to this, GetResponse and Mailchimp are two of the most widely used email marketing tools, they have high rank and widely popular, there are many other features of these tools, not just email marketing, But which one is highly recommended?
To answer this question we will clarify the features of each these companies  so, you can know the company that offers the suitable product for you!



What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is a leading email marketing company with newsletters, campaigns, online surveys and automated respondents, has been around since 1998 and is based in Poland, Describing the award-winning company as one of the most user-friendly options it makes it the number one choice for thousands of companies around the world, to help supports a successful email campaign.

It also offers many professional features such as landing page builder and a number of other unique features at a very competitive prices, while offering some specialized features such as the landing page editor, making it one of the longest running options for email marketing, you can read a full review of them here.



What is Mailchimp?

About 3 years after GetResponse founded Mailchimp, a very popular email marketing company that offers a range of plans at affordable prices, and also offers free plans for beginners even though they are heavyweights in email marketing, this is a great way to try most of its features and templates without No risks, You can read a full review of them here.


Number of contacts.

The main factor that GetResponse relies on for pricing is the number of contacts, the lowest plan is 1,000 contacts, which starts at $ 15 per month. Most of the time you get the same service, regardless of the level of pricing you use. For example, if you have a list of 10,000 subscribers and 1000 unsubscribe, you will only pay 9,000 subscribers.

Whereas, Mailchimp restricts certain features to specific layers. The number of contacts is one of the distinguishing factors that determine the level of their pricing structure.

The way Mailchimp calculates your list of contacts to be billed is different from GetResponse, as it includes both subscribed and unsubscribed contacts as part of the total. So, if we applied the previous example to Mailchimp, you would still pay as if you had 10,000 subscribers.

Positive point for GetResponse.

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Email volume is also a crucial factor between GetResponse and Mailchimp, as GetResponse offers unlimited emails on all offered plans, It also offers an unlimited autoresponder thread for all of its plan options, while Mailchimp has introduced monthly restrictions on the number of emails that can be sent to your contacts. Limits range from 10,000 to 3 million, depending on how much plan you have.

GetResponse also has an advertised delivery capability of over 99%, which means that it is difficult for your emails to be flagged as spam, so, you have a greater chance of reaching your customer.

Positive point for GetResponse.

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Design and customization.

GetResponse offers approximately 560 email templates in several classic and modern styles, in addition to a thousand stock images, and the ability to design many other types. Emails are automatically scaled to fit all devices, with another mobile editor to allow users to customize it according to their needs for cross-marketing products Email. Their landing page templates are a great checkout for users, and the unique editor can help generate more leads.

Mailchimp offers 100 different email templates in a range of trendy ones. They have two main types, drag and drop, and classic templates, and only the drag and drop templates are responsive.

You're not actually restricted to using one of the pre-defined templates, with both companies where it's easy to purchase mold from an outside supplier for use within the system.

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Automation is very important for email marketing, which tracks user behavior to help companies customize their approach. The nature of automation is good one-time tuning. Setting the email and newsletter parameters to be published means you can automatically follow customers and keep them engaged and connected.

Both options provide key points, you can choose different triggers to automatically send email, such as new subscriber, website visits, completed purchases, clicks, and email opening. If a customer publishes one of these triggers, the system can be set up to send a response email.

GetResponse manages automation in a rasterized campaign execution selection system, or you can choose to implement a flowchart campaign, While Mailchimp adopts a template-based approach where you can adjust pre-arranged email systems to suit your subscriber base, Mailchimp also has the same GetResponse system in automation.

There isn't much to choose between 
GetResponse and Mailchimp — they both have excellent and comprehensive autoresponder functionality, but bear in mind that Mailchimp's answering machines aren't available on entry-level plans.

Mailchimp simply contains a list of triggers, which does not adequately convey a good sense of how everything is doing, unlike GetResponse it provides a visual representation of connections and triggers, making it is easy to determine how to set up your answering machines.


Landing Page and Forms.

GetResponse has more design options, it provides a web form builder which is a comprehensive package on all plans, capable of creating many different types of forms including many templates, split testing, timers and even photographs provided with any package.

Mailchimp is distinguished in terms of pop-up forms that meet the needs of mobile devices, as it is responsive to the type of device used, has a simple web design tool, and also offers landing pages on all plans, Note here that it does not provide A / B testing.


Outside Extras.

GetResponse and Mailchimp  both offer integration with WordPress Plugin and option to integrate smaller functions or massive services like PayPal and Facebook.

GetResponse relies on a tool called Zapier to set up a lot of their integrations, While Mailchimp seems to be less innovative with their options.



Language is the most important communication tool, so Mailchimp provides five supported languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, while GetResponse provides 26 supported languages.


Spam Testing and Design.

Some e mail offerings allow you to take a look at your campaigns for issues with how they run on specific e-mail clients. Occasionally the ones troubles can result in emails being despatched to your junk mail folder.

Mailchimp does not offer spam testing at all, but rather through a third-party service, provided you register with the higher plans, and for lower plans an additional fee is charged.

GetResponse offers spam testing within their regular plans, and no additional fees are charged for this service.



As for tech support through chat, it is only available on Mailchimp premium plans, but GetResponse Chat is available on all plans.

Both companies have excellent technical support, but Mailchimp service can be relatively slow.



GetResponse Pricing has 4 plans starting at $ 15 per month for only 1,000 contacts, Free trial is available.



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Mailchimp Pricing has 3 plans starting at $ 9.99  per month Up to 50,000 contacts, It also provides a free lifetime plan Up to 2,000 contacts, Really Really very beginner friendly at absolutely no cost.



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GetResponse VS Mailchimp: Last call

GetResponse is a top choice if you’re looking for an easy-to-use tool that doesn’t skimp on features. Its prices are much more reasonable than Mailchimp’s and their list management is much less of a headache.

Mailchimp is a big name in the email marketing world,If you are after a free, easy to use service, you can always give Mailchimp a try.


I hope this comparison helps you decide which service works for your business!




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