Strong top five email list building tips

11/20/2020 12:00 AM by Admin in Email marketing

Strong top five email list building tips

The biggest keys to building a successful business is building an email list, but it can be challenging. So, I'm going to share my top five email list building tips, one of the biggest mistakes, I see a lot of people make is actually not focusing on building their email list. I think there is a misconception going on about it, it's not important, and there's a lot of focuses and attention on getting more followers on social media, getting more subscribers on YouTube, but there's a big problem with that, and that is it. You do not have these communication channels. We've seen it happen on Facebook. Organic reach at some point was wonderful there, but over time, fewer people are viewing your posts, even if they subscribe to it, even if they like you, that doesn't mean your message can reach them. And even here on YouTube, most channels have less than 15% of their subscribers who view their videos in their main subscription feed. This is a big problem, right because just because someone subscribes to you or follows you on social media, it doesn't mean that you reach them with your message or your content. This is why I always encourage entrepreneurs, creators, and video influencers to create an email list because it gives you a chance to stand up to the community you are building, the tribe that builds them, despite what happens with social networks, media platforms, algorithms, or even if a platform disappears tomorrow. Basically, any of your social media presence is on tenancy, but your email list is something you can own and then a group of people you can connect within a deeper way in the long run.

But how do you actually do that? Let's move on to these five tips.

First tip: You need to choose an email service provider.

This is also known as CRM and these are services like MailChimp and GetResponse, I am currently using GetResponse and want to encourage you, you can do a lot of research here, but don't get stuck here. This is important, but the important thing is just to get started.

Note: one important tip is that if you start with a specific email provider, make sure beforehand that you are able to export the email list, and contact information you get from it. This way you can switch at any time.

For me, I actually started with MailChimp a few years ago because I only had the free version for a long time before I needed to switch to the paid version, but I eventually learned that they weren't very popular with affiliate marketing, and I think that's one of the affiliate marketing is one. The best ways to generate income online.
But don't forget MailChimp is a great company, and the service is also excellent.

Second tip: create a cool thing to give away in exchange for someone's contact information for their email list.

And so in our space this is called either a free bee or a freemium or a main magnet.

For example, free gift and instead of just saying hello.

Some advices about a Free gift

First advice: is to make it real value.

As you really want it to be cool, and it doesn't have to be a PDF. It could be an audio file. Video clip can only be available privately. It's not a public YouTube video or it's embedded on a page somewhere. It could be a checklist, it could be just a quick and awesome thing that will deliver results for people who want those results in your space and in your niche

second advice: is that you want to make sure it's specific as well.

And what I mean is when you have a specific free gift for people you want to be able to see why they are on this list so, you can talk to them based on that interest.
And hence the people who subscribe to this email list, what are they interested in? Strategically about the free gift they received, the tribe of people, and the community of people who subscribe to it. It gives you how to talk to them, but it also shows you what might interest them and what they don't care so that you can add consistent value over time and not have people to cancel your subscription because you are random and out of place.

Third tip: Create a landing page, capture page, or landing page.

For example, you can now say here the free gift you will receive. 20% discount coupon on the use of advanced SEO tools, if the topic is about SEO tools,

The cool thing here is that most email service providers actually allow you to create landing pages inside. So there are other services for this, but then you might need to sign up for something else. This may cost more money. So when you get started, you can definitely use landing pages, pick up pages, or click on pages that are part of your existing email service provider.

Well, you've chosen an email provider, created a free gift, set up a landing page, and you're now ready.

Fourth tip: invite people to take action to register, and join your list.

You can make your own YouTube videos. It explains the services you provide or the products you sell, and you can put at the end of each video a link to join, to get e-mail addresses to keep in constant contact with them.

Fifth tip: In order to keep your mailing list good and clean with a low bounce rate, you must constantly,Verify that bulk email addresses are still valid.

As this advice is one of the most important tips to ensure the success of the email marketing campaign, and also enables you to maintain your server and ensure that the ip is not blacklisted.


There are many sites that offer email checker service, the price is usually high for sites that provide reliable and reliable checks.

I am using "Email Verifier Pro". You can read the complete guide about purchasing and downloading it on your own hosting and how to use it through the following article:

How to Install Email Verifier Pro - Bulk Email Addresses Validation, Mail Sender & Email Lead Management Tool (Step by Step Guide)


We hope you enjoyed the five tips, and I wish you good luck






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