How to build Smtp email server and send unlimited emails

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How to build Smtp email server and send unlimited emails

Email marketing is one of the best marketing tools, as it can increase the sales of any business and communicate with customers permanently, if used legally and properly.

What do you need to start?

It's very simple, you need a mailing list, and a server to send the email.

The mailing list is a very important part, and you must compile a high quality mailing list in order to have a rapid growth in increasing your sales.

For example, the mailing list is similar to the fuel that we put in the car, it must be of high quality for the engine to work efficiently.smiley

The question now is ... How do I get a mailing list?

You can read Strong top five email list building tips, where you can easily create a powerful mailing list by following tips.


In this article I will explain: How to build a Smtp email server and send unlimited emails.enlightened



What is an smtp server:

It is the part responsible for delivering emails and uses port 25, which is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. There are many explanations online on this to expand your knowledge.


What is an email marketing system:

It consists of two parts, the first part is the smtp server and it is specialized in the technical aspect, and the second part is the application to manage mailing lists and ad campaigns and can manage sending servers.


Build an smtp server, let's get down to business. cool Yes we start, what should we prepare - requirements


Requirements for building an smtp server

1- A domain name

2- Virtual Private Server


1- A domain name

The name from which you will send the e-mail, here we mean the address

For example, when you send an SMS from a mobile phone, the phone number that will appear to the recipient, and in the case of sending an email, the domain name appears to the recipient.

There are many domain registration providers, and the cost ranges from $ 1 to $ 15 per year depending on the domain name

Some examples of these companies are domain registration providers.

Godaddy. Recommended




2- Virtual Private Server

It is a computer that works around the clock and is always connected to the Internet. It is used to upload your site files so that the site remains connected.

There are many vps providers, but please note port 25 must be open.

What is port 25

Virtual Private Server has several ports, each port has a specific function, port 25 is responsible for email delivery service, some vps service providers block this port to avoid using it for spam.

Important note: When you subscribe to the Virtual Private Server (vps), you must check the server's ip address that it is not blacklisted, you can perform the scan through the tool Blacklist Lookup

Some examples of Virtual Private Server provider companies

contabo. Recommended


*Contabo has subscription plans that start at 4 € per month, port 25 is always open

Note: you must choose the operating system: Ubuntu 18 x64



Steps to install smtp software on Virtual Private Server

The first step: Connect to Virtual Private Server

We need putty, a free program that enables you to connect to a Virtual Private Server via port 22

How to contact putty



put the ip address, specify port 22, then press open, After that, put the password, the password that you received from the Virtual Private Server provider company.


Second Step: install a Web Hosting Manager

Install Webmin, Just run this command on your server:





This command is responsible for downloading the installation script:


sudo /bin/sh



After that, press " y " to continue



Wait for the installation to finish, it may take 10 minutes. Then you will see this success message



It's so easysmiley


Go to your web browser and navigate to the server URL to configure.

The URL will look like this: https: // YOUR_ IP_ address: 10000

Make sure to add ": 10000" after the ip address, because Webmin uses port 10000

When you open Webmin, you will see an SSL warning message, click Continue anyway.


Then log in the username " root ".

The password that you got from VPS provider company.



You can read more about Virtualmin


surpriseLet's take a pause before we start. Webmin main settings, we need Map your domain name.


how to point your domain name (Map your domain name):

1- go to Domain Registration Providers.

2- Click on Manage DNS. Open the DNS zone.

3-  DNS management zone, just go to A record here and edit that record.

4- just Set your server IP address.



 Now server is pointing to IP address and domain is pointing to  IP address.


Webmin main settings:

Steps taken when you first enter, you will see a post-installation wizard.

step 1: post-installation wizard.

1- Introduction: Webmin post-installation wizard.

2-  Memory use: Run email domain lookup server: Yes.

3- Spam filtering: Run spamAssassin server filter: yes.

4- Database servers: Run MariaDB/MySQL database server: yes.

5- MySQL password: Save the password for the database " MySQL ".

6- Database size: It is preferable to choose a medium.

7- DNS Configuration: check the box " Skip check for resolvability ".

8- Password storage : You can choose any method of storing the password.

9- Press Next then click on re-check and refresh configuration, Waiting for a message of success.


step 2: Create Virtual Server:

1- go to Virtualmin section.

2- Click Create Virtual Server.



3- go to New virtual server details section.

4- Enter the Domain name.

5- Enter the Administration password.

6- After that, click Create Server




step 3: Create a user:

1- Click Edit Users.



2- Click,add a user to this server.

3- In the Virtual domain user details section.

  • Choose Email address.
  • Choose a password.



4- click Create.


step 4: Preparing the Mx record.

MX record is very important for mail delivery and for accepting and receiving e-mails to your mail server.

Steps to create Mx record.

  • go to Webmen.
  • go to virtualmen.
  • than in server configuration.
  • click DNS Record.
  • click Edit DNS Record.



And as records so we can see your MX record and add it to your Account( Domain Registration )  DNS management zone.



We hope you enjoyed, and I wish you good luck smiley




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