Profit from the Internet without Capital: Using SEO Analyzer

04/12/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo

There are several ways to profit from the Internet without capital, and they are spread on many websites, and if we examine the articles on these sites, we find that they are very similar, and it may seem to us that I am an exact copy of each other, and because some brothers and sisters are beginners in the field of profit from the Internet sometimes the matter reaches them. To a closed road due to the big and difficult terminology, today I will, through this article, help you open the way in a new way, so that you can start now to work freely and profit from the Internet without capital and also without prior experience, by using the SEO Analyzer tool.

First we need to know some terms and how to get free SEO tools.

What is SEO

All websites on the Internet seek to reach the first search results through SEO for their websites, which indicates that SEO is very important for the search process and winning the first place.

Since there are a very large number of websites, everyone needs to improve their search engine to appear in the first search results, to win the largest number of visitors.

Some may ask! What is the relationship of SEO to profit from the Internet.

Every website owner searches for a comprehensive report or analysis of his site to discover errors and start fixing them in order to enhance the ranking of his site in the results of search engines, here comes your role to provide the comprehensive report to the owner of the site, but to the owners of the many sites that search for this report and start free work and earn money from the Internet.

The report also includes troubleshooting tips.

How I get SEO Analyzer

SEO Analyzer is provided free of charge by SM SEO TOOLS, it does not require an account registration and also does not require prior experience, just put the link of the site that you want to examine and extract a report for it and then wait a little while the tool finishes its work and comes out with the best results.

Important note: The SEO Analyzer tool can scan two sites and compare them Site VS Site This feature can also be offered as a service and make money with it.

Now go to the SEO Analyzer tool.

Now that we have this premium tool, what do we do! How do we make money and where do we get clients to report to.

Where I find clients interested in SEO Reports.

There are many platforms that allow you to register an account and start providing the service directly, one of the most popular is Fiverr.

However, before you start, you should consider some points in order to be successful.

First: Create a professional, high-quality image for the service. You can use the Canva platform to create an image for free.

Second: Use a motivational method to encourage customers to choose your service.

Third: You must have a Paypal account to withdraw your profits.

After completing the above steps, we go to Fiverr, register and fill in the required information, and then place the service in the correct classification, which is the classification of website analytics.

Important note: Fiverr is a site that has a large number of visitors, which allows you to provide the service through it, the price of the website analysis report may reach 50 dollars, and also remember that through the SEO Analyzer, you can provide two services so that you can earn more money online.

First: SEO Analyzer Report Service.

Second: Competitive Analysis Service.

Article summary

Profiting from the Internet is a fact and not a fiction, but it requires hard work and the most important thing that distinguishes it is that you can work at any time and from anywhere without any restrictions. A person with an ambition for financial independence and improving living conditions, especially in light of the Corona virus crisis that the world is going through.

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