How Email Marketing Improve Your Business

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How Email Marketing Improve Your Business

And this is a common question that people have and while they may understand the basics of email marketing and the general ideas around it, they don't always know exactly how it's going to help them and their business.

So what I'm going to do here is I going to go over 9 different points that explain how email marketing will improve your business.

Now this list probably isn't every way that it can improve your business but it's definitely going to capture the main concepts, and the things that you need to understand are really important.

1- it's going to increase your sales.

There's a lot of studies out there that have basically proven that promotional emails work That's why we keep receiving them as consumers.
Brands send promotional emails, and after they send those promotional you know they watch as sales come in.
So, it's going to increase your sales if you have your messaging correctly and you're dummying everything right.
You're going to be able to send those promotional emails and more people will buy your product or service next.

2- increase repeat visitors to your Website.

While this may not seem like that big of a deal when you keep sending people back to your Website what's going to end up happening is they're going to fall in love with your website, They're going to keep coming back willingly,They're going to keep seeing your name when they come back to your Website.

They may end up clicking on more ads, so they may end up purchasing more products that they otherwise would have purchased.
So when you get those repeat visitors to your Website it's always going to be a good thing.

3- is that you're able to increase your repeat customers.

So this is when you get a customer that has purchased once and then you want them to purchase again.

So, you're able to increase repeat customers with a pretty simple method.

That is letting them know of new complementary products that came out from their previous purchase or letting them know about other products that are coming out that they may enjoy.

Increasing those repeat customers is huge because once someone spend their money with you once they're much more likely to spend their money and if you do it again next is increasing the average order size of pay.

And this is when somebody is going to purchase a product let's say they're going to purchase a $500 laptop.


You get them to see this laptop, and they've agreed to buy it on your Website, and they purchase it and then after they purchase it if you weren't able to do it at the shopping cart maybe then you send them an email and say hey I saw that you bought this laptop for $500.

I hope that you like them and want to let you know that when people buy this laptop they also typically buy a Laptop bag and Laptop cleaning brush.

And although it's not all on the same order an increase in the average order size all in one fell swoop like you can do on a shopping cart.

It still does increase your average to order size.

4- you can help to build your brand.

This is so important.enlightened

I've experienced this from the ground up with Websites that I've owned that you have no brand when you start out.
So, one of the best ways to create a brand is just to keep getting in the front of people, you don't want to be annoying.
You know you don't want to send an email to them every single day or anything like that.
But when you keep sending emails to them and providing them with value and helping them out you're going to build your brand because they're going to come back to you.
They're going to tell other people about you, And it's just going to exponentially increase from there.

5- you can gain the trust from your users.

And this is not an easy thing to do but you are able to gain the trust from your users through email.
Because if you provide them with value all the time you give them a lot of great content and you also maybe showcase and testimonials talk about what other people are saying share those good stories, That's going to help users understand.
Hey, I'm not the only person that likes this brand, I'm not the only person here.
There's a lot of other people, and they're having a good time too, and they're happy with it.
But this brand is doing, So if this is done correctly it's incredibly valuable.

6- which is humanizing your brand.

So what does that mean.
Well most people and yourself probably included you don't always like doing business with a business.
You want to understand who are the people behind the business you wants to make that connection to the staff at the business you want to know who the CEO is you want to know what they're about.
You want to know what their interests are You focus a on understanding who they are, and what they're about.
And when you do this correctly through email you were able to then convey who you are all of your interests that sort of thing to people, and they won't just be connecting with the brand any longer.
They'll be connecting to another person they'll understand there's a person behind the brain And when they do that it can create a really strong connection.

7- you can make people feel welcome, and you can make them feel important.

When people first sign up for your website one of the best things you can do is simply send a welcome email.
Tell him you're happy that they've joined, You know sound excited about it.
And also, you can make them feel important.
So maybe on their birthday you send them a customized email which has the parameters to automatically auto fill their first name and the last name, and their birth date.
Maybe you send that all over to them when their birthday happens and you do that because it makes people feel welcome and makes them feel important and it gives them a stronger connection to the brand and the people behind the.

8- that email can help you establish authority.

Authority is very important when you have authority in a particular topic, It's really going to get people to trust you more, and they're going to really come to you for advice and try to understand what you have to say about things.
You can help establish authority pretty easily basically by in showcasing where your blog posts were share showcasing talks that you've done showcasing things that you've earned.
Things that the company had one contest awards, etc. when you establish that authority people are going to see that this particular brand of this particular person behind the brand is wonderful and they really know what they're talking about, so if I have a question I need to make sure to go to them.

9- you can showcase social proof.

This goes back to the idea of sharing testimonials.
But it goes a little further than that showcasing people.
Maybe Facebook messages sent to Facebook comments sent letting people understand how many Facebook followers you have how many Twitter followers do you have.
Letting people understand how many people are subscribed to your email list.
When you do this you're helping people realize that it's not just them.
There's a large audience of people that are also connected to you and all of those people also trust them.


Enjoy your time, and wait for us soon with more information on email marketing smiley




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